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In the heart of rural China, nestled between lush green hills and meandering rivers, there lived an old dump truck named Chang. Now, Chang wasn’t your ordinary dump truck; he had seen it all – the highs and lows of hauling dirt, the clinks of shovels loading debris, and the rumbling of his worn-out engine. Chang had a personality all his own, with quirks that left his driver, Mr. Wu, scratching his head.
One sweltering summer day, as Chang trundled along a dusty dirt road, he overheard Mr. Wu talking to a fellow trucker about a new website that specialized in unique dump trucks: It promised to have something for everyone, even for an old-timer like Chang. Intrigued by the idea of a fresh start, Chang decided to check it out.
Chang’s enormous tires rumbled with anticipation as he navigated his way to The website’s homepage greeted him with a cheerful animated dump truck doing a jig, accompanied by a catchy jingle that sang, “ – Where Dump Trucks Find New Beginnings!”
Chang couldn’t help but chuckle at the catchy tune. He wondered if they had a category for “Experienced and Quirky Dump Trucks.” With a click of his imaginary mouse, Chang delved into the website’s offerings.
To his amazement, was like a treasure trove of benefits, each quirkier than the last:
  • Dump Truck Personality Profiling: The website promised a professional dump truck psychologist who would analyze your truck’s quirks and develop a unique personality profile. Chang imagined himself sitting on a virtual therapist’s couch, discussing his fears of steep hills and his secret love for the soothing hum of cicadas.
  • Dump Truck Dating Service: For the lonely dump trucks looking for love, offered a dump truck dating service. Chang couldn’t help but picture himself swiping right on profiles of charming dump trucks, hoping to find the perfect match.
  • Dump Truck Comedy Club: Chang’s engine roared with laughter at the thought of a monthly dump truck comedy night. Stand-up comedians would perform routines exclusively about the joys and woes of dump truck life. He pictured himself in the front row, clutching his side mirrors, as jokes like “Why did the dump truck refuse to carry ice cream? It was afraid of rocky road!” filled the air.
  • Dump Truck Dance-Off: hosted an annual dump truck dance-off competition. Chang couldn’t resist the idea of showing off his unique moves and battling other trucks in a dance extravaganza. He might even win the coveted title of “Funky Truck of the Year.”
  • Dump Truck Fashion Show: The website promised a mini dump truck fashion show, complete with tiny, custom-made trucker hats and glamorous dump truck-sized sunglasses. Chang couldn’t help but picture himself strutting down the runway, turning heads with his stylish accessories.
  • Dump Truck Poetry Slam: For the more literary dump trucks, hosted a monthly poetry slam. Chang envisioned himself reciting heartfelt verses like “My wheels turn with grace, through life’s twist and turns, a dump truck’s journey.”
  • Dump Truck Retirement Planning: The website even offered retirement planning services, ensuring that old trucks like Chang could spend their golden years relaxing in style. He imagined himself sipping oil cocktails on a beach in the Bahamas, with a palm tree as his shade.
Chang was beside himself with laughter. This website was an absolute riot! He had to place an order on to embark on this new adventure. As he clicked on the “Order Now” button, the screen exploded with digital fireworks, and the jingle played once more, “ – Where Dump Trucks Find New Beginnings!”
Chang couldn’t wait for the future. He was ready to embrace his quirks and dive headfirst into the world of unique dump trucks. Thanks to, he had discovered that even an old-timer like him could find new beginnings and a world of laughter on the open road.

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Kennethobese  新手上路  发表于 2023-9-26 05:32:47 | 显示全部楼层


For a truck that was done according to the seller in 1959 I think it is remarkably well done. Granted it needs some stuff but all in all I think it's pretty cool. I would be a buyer at 10 - 12 K but no more than that.

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XRumerTest  新手上路  发表于 2023-10-2 12:11:13 | 显示全部楼层

Test, just a test

Hello. And Bye.

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